“This mentoring program began at the elementary school where my kids went to school, and one of the teachers asked me to come back one hour a week to mentor a 2nd grade boy. They have a mentor center set up with games, toys, books, sports equipment, art supplies, a cooking area and a place to just hang out and talk. We do puzzles, play with building blocks and cook. We sometimes talk, but not always. We also play chess and cards. The site coordinator is always there when I need her. My mentee’s teacher is always available to talk, too.”


“I’ve nominated students to this amazing program, observed the benefits of mentor relationships as a classroom teacher, felt the impact of multiple mentorships on a campus as an elementary principal and now proudly serve on the Board of Directors for Mentor Me. It’s an astounding group of dedicated citizens focused on matching students with a trusting adult with whom they might build a lasting relationship.Fundraising, goal setting, hard work and pure joy. I don’t know another oranization quite like Mentor Me. I am proud to be a part of it.”


“As a Mentor I’m pleased to have the opportunity to help my mentee in any way I’m able. In the short time we have been together, it is apparent to me that she appreciates having someone in her life that she can depend on and trust to always show up for her. I have also been on the Board of Directors and am constantly impressed by our Executive Director, Deb Dalton and her talent for her work. In addition to Deb, our Board is well skilled in quite a variety of ways. I’m honored to work with Mentor Me and honored to be a Mentor!”


“This organization provides a valuable service to children and families in the community by matching adult mentors with school-age kids who need extra support.”