Annual Report


Getting our annual report out to you in the mail seems to take a little longer each year.  We feel the cost of it, even with the support of our business partners, and yet, reporting out to you in this way feels more important than ever.  We want you to feel comfortable with not only what we do, but how we do it.  We believe that our business is your business, so thank you for taking the time to read through.

  • Please recognize your friends, neighbors and family members in the photos.
  • Please notice and acknowledge the local business owners who are donors, sponsors and mentors.
  • Please see the school districts, agencies, service organizations and other non-profits who work closely with us. They donate space, they share resources, they refer to us and take our referrals, and they consider us partners and friends in serving families in need.
  • Please find yourself in these pages we took great care to produce and accept our sincere appreciation for the part you play in the service work we provide.

While you are at it, please see the children we serve.  We hope you come away knowing why mentoring matters, why every dollar you donate to a youth serving organization is a powerful investment in our world.

What would it take for you to say yes?

  • YES to becoming a volunteer mentor, board member or administrative support person
  • YES to making a financial donation
  • YES to changing the world

Please use the remit envelope provided to make your donation or request information about volunteering.  You may also go to our website to do both of those things.  You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!  We are on Guidestar and on the Upstream Investments Portfolio.

On behalf of the staff and Board of Directors, Thank You!

Deborah L. Dalton, Executive Director